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Dr. Curtis Roy

Following completion of the Loyola University Dental School Program and a two year tour as captain of an Army dental unit during the Vietnam War, Dr. Curtis H. Roy, D.D.S., was ready to return to his roots and build a business within close proximity to his hometown of Marksville, Louisiana.

In 1970 he established Dr. Curtis H. Roy and Associates in the up and coming community of Lafayette, Louisiana where oil sector success was a driving force for phenomenal growth and development.

The mission of Dr. Roy’s dental practice then, as it is now, was to combat periodontal disease through kinder, gentler treatment methods – shifting away from standard surgical procedures and toward a new non-surgical approach more palatable to most patients.

Today, the general dentistry and specialty practice of Dr. Curtis H. Roy and Associates thrives, employing nearly 40 professionals , serving approximately 30,000 patients from all over the Acadiana region, and generating more than $3 million annually. The practice also houses a dental laboratory used in the manufacture and repair of dental appliances and prostheses. This enhances the practice’s quality control and efficiency capabilities.

Creative financing for dental services – now commonplace – is just one of the many contributions Dr. Roy has made to the dentistry field over the years. He has revolutionized the dental industry’s approach to patient care with his patented hygiene-based Soft Tissue Management™ program and also through his involvement in the development and dissemination of better technologies.

Revered as a pioneer in best dentistry practices by his peers, Dr. Curtis Roy is often called upon to present information to industry associations and private dental care providers across the U.S. and Canada. The success of his practice has been documented in various national industry publications, including Dental Economics and Dentistry Today.

While Dr. Roy has advised thousands of dental professionals on how to draw patients and grow profits, he has perpetually stressed the importance of providing quality care and outstanding customer service. Perhaps most important of all, he practices what he preaches.

The “secret” behind the enduring success of Dr. Curtis H. Roy and Associates – despite competition from hundreds of dentists who practice in the Acadiana area – is simple: Dr. Curtis Roy CARES! While many in the health care field strive to create the illusion that they care for their patients, their employees and the greater community, Dr. Roy actually does. This explains why readers voted him “Best Dentist” in the Times of Acadiana “Best Of” readers poll in 2006.