No excuse is a good excuse

We all have a tendency to make excuses for not doing things we’d rather avoid. It must be human nature. But taking care of your dental health is important. As with all important matters, we have to get past our fears and excuses and do whatever it takes to tackle them.

Here’s a look at what keeps patients away from the dentist and why there’s no really no such thing as a good excuse.


Excuse #1: I don’t have time.

Sure you do. We make time for the things that are important to us, no matter how busy we may be. The real problem is that you haven’t made your dental health a priority.  We get only one set of permanent teeth. If we don’t take care of them, they’ll literally rot right out of our heads!  This is serious!

The average trip to the dentist is about one hour. That’s the same amount of time as a lunch break or a TV drama episode. Anyone can work one hour, every six months or so, into their schedule. If your workday schedule is too tight to fit in a dental visit, find a dentist who offers extended evening and weekend hours. Some of us do.


Excuse #2: I can’t afford it.

Again, this is a matter of prioritizing. If you are dining out, buying clothes and accessories you don’t need, going out to movies and sporting events and enjoying other luxuries while NOT seeing the dentist, then the problem is not that you can’t afford it. It is that you’d rather spend your money on more frivolous things.

Stop viewing dental care as a luxury and more as a necessity, and you will find the money to pay for it. Many dentists offer creative financing to help make dental care payments more manageable through low monthly payments. And here’s the kicker: if you attend hygiene appointments just twice each year, you will probably save money! Most hygiene visits are covered by insurance, and even if you are uninsured these appointments will prevent serious, far more costly dental bills later.


Excuse #3: I’m afraid.

We have nothing to fear but fear itself. It’s true! Usually a patient’s worry and anticipation is much worse than anything that actually happens in the dentist’s chair. These days, a variety of anesthetics and gentler treatment methods take most of the “ouch” out of dental care.

Anesthesia is usually offered during invasive dental procedures, but if you are especially anxious or sensitive to pain, talk to your dental professionals in advance of any procedure to ensure maximum comfort.


So, stop making excuses and get to the dentist! If you’re due for a visit, call and make an appointment today!

Curtis H. Roy, D.D.S., has served Acadiana residents with a general dentistry and specialty practice since 1970. Find his practice on the Web at, visit the office at 3703 Johnston St., Lafayette, or call 981.9811, and look for him on Facebook and Twitter.




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I am not avoiding the dentist while spending on things like the above: I simply have no money; I live in a community that is very poor--EUNICE--and rife with dental problems! Many people in this area have very little to eat! People as well have no education regarding dental care because their poor parents never had access and the kids never had maintenance care--and visits; would you consider an outreach TO A POOR AREA? If there were a van--people do not have money for gas--either taking people to or providing basic--very basic--care and the option of a PLAN of perhaps a few dollars--FIVE--a month for ONE basic CLEANING-AND-EDUCATION TIME A YEAR then perhaps PEOPLE COULD AFFORD AT LEAST ONE VISIT; many poor people are poor because SOMETHING IS WRONG: they are weak or sick and cannot EVEN BRUSH THEIR TEETH BECAUSE THEIR ENERGY IS MAXXED TO THE LIMIT! THIS IS DIFFICULT TO UNDERSTAND. IF THEY EVEN BEGAN BRUSHING THEIR TEETH--ONCE A DAY--then things would improve! Their health is endangered and their teeth are rotting--even with this PLAN: many could only afford to send one member of a family A YEAR; WITH MULTIPLE FAMILY THEN ONE PERSON WOULD SEE THE DENTIST EVERY FIVE OR SIX YEARS ONLY ONE TIME; THEY WOULD BE TAKING TURNS! "3" could afford ONE VISIT A YEAR FOR ONE OF THE THREE AND THE OTHER TWO WOULD HAVE TO WAIT FOR THE NEXT YEAR AND THE NEXT--THEY MUST CHOOSE BETWEEN FOOD AND MEDICAL CARE! <3+W

August 22, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterW

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